ott: on the town

For what could be more fun?

There is nothing more fun than going out with friends, at least in my sick and twisted world. Many is the Friday or Saturday night that my best friend and I take off from little Fallon, NV and head to Reno. The usual schedule consists of meeting with friends, maybe having a coffee or two, heading out to dinner, and then watching a movie. If we plan for a day rather than just an evening, we see two movies. Regardless of plan, we round it off with lively discussion, irreverant ideals, and a trip to Slushy Mecca, or 7-11, to sustain ourselves for the ride home. We are some sixty miles away from Reno and nothing makes the drive go better than rasberry slushies.

ott: a new place

Out of the pool, Olive Garden

Before I left and joined the Peace Corps, there was a restaurant here called On The Border. My friends and I kept it in business by eating there all the time. Fajitas, tortilla chips, salsa, and all the tea one could drink - what could be better than that? The answer is nothing. Two and half years later, upon my return as predicted by the Seanonomicron, our usual haunt was belly-up and abandoned. Is there anything so sad as an unoccupied building with purple, orange-red, and greenish sorts of exterior decor? ("Only drowning puppies. And there would have to be a lot of them." - Futurama)

So, we are on the lookout for a new place. We thought we would head to Olive Garden, which used to be an old favorite. We quit going after we waited for three hours one day only to find that they had forgotten about us. After nearly a five year hiatus, things appear to be unimproved. They don't take reservations - a clue that it is not really a restaurant. We wait for an hour to get in. This happens all the time. The food is great, the service always friendly, and because of our breadstick addiction, we keep going back for punishment. But I think we are done with that. Oh so done.

ott: the lookout

Where we have gone, where we are going

At this point, we have been to Bertha Mirandas, some place in Sparks, Belle's Tea Cottage, and a Subway.

I feel a need to hit a brew pub, Louis Basque Corner, and more Mexican restaurants.

Soon, we'll be developing score cards and criteria for restaurants. Then we'll record a simple podcast.