gaming: still a guilty pleasure

The smell of rendered bliss

We game. We game a lot. My friends and I are more than addicts. Such loyalty to a hobby shouldn't be described by psychologists; non-gamers have no clue about the realities.

gaming: my personal thanks

Do you have a game?

If you bought a console to enjoy it, then I really do thank you. There are so many different types of gamers in the world! There are the casual gamers: individuals who play solitaire or Diner Dash to such and extreme that it makes World of Warcraft players look moderate. There are the hardcore gamers, individuals who are living walkthroughs of any game ever made. There are even the new blokes: the next door neighbors, geriatric wards, and other unlikely personages who have no emerged into the gaming market.

The people who will be the "first against the wall when the revolution comes," are those people who review the games. I remember throwing my last issues of PCGamer into the trash when it rated games like Beavis and Butthead over games like Evil Genius. To the reviewers in the mainstream, it appears that having a cult of personality is more important than having any legitmate content. It makes sense in these venues to hand reviewing assignments over to people who hate them. My favorite moment was watching a pair of mental patients on X-Play telling Full Metal Alchemists fans that they were wrong to like a game knowing fully that the fans would write in telling them that they were (are) idiots. More fun than that: they said they disliked the other games of the same type and still continued to review them. Note to G4: give the right game to the right person.

It's okay though! The podcast revolution has started and no longer are we confined to the least common denominator that is modern publishing. Oddly enough, one of the best podcasts out there is PC Gamer UK. If you listen to PC Gamer, without the UK, games like Peggle and Spore are the end all. They are not. The games of popularity are not the best games to represent gaming as a whole. To all my new gaming compatriots out there: avoid the pitfall by enjoying games off the beaten track and never be embarassed, no matter how silly it might seem. To my old gaming allies, fight our irrational and driving prejudices by keeping an open mind. To the outlets, remember that no matter how vehemently you insist you aren't payed off by gaming companies, you look quite the contrary. Put down your iPhones, get a real communication device that isn't so flash in the pan, and play games to enjoy them. We would all be happier.